Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep Tissue massage is a massage treatment that uses specific techniques to release tensions in the deeper layers of your muscle tissue. Usually focusing on major muscular areas such as the neck and lower back or problem points in joints and tendons, the Deep Tissue massage stimulates blood flow and loosens up tight tissue clusters in muscles. The goal is to tackle the pressure points that cause discomfort or pain, while stimulating the body’s ability to “fix” itself.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

The Outcall Spa Signature Deep Tissue Massage is highly beneficial for individuals who are suffering from chronic back or neck pains, recovering from sport injuries, or undergoing daily high demands of physical or psychological stress.

It has the following essential benefits:
– Reduces chronic pain
-Alleviates muscle tension and improves the blood flow throughout the body
-Lowers high blood pressure
-Reduces arthritis symptoms
-Relieves muscle inflammation caused by anxiety and chronic stres
-Flushes lactic acid from muscles, delaying muscle fatigue and soreness and allowing muscles to recover faster.

Techniques of Deep Tissue Massage

The Outcall Spa Signature Deep Tissue Massage technique uses long, firm strokes with deep finger pressure focused on specific areas facing muscular problems. Unlike the popular Swedish Massage which is known for its soothing, calming strokes, this particular massage can be uncomfortable and more painful because the firm massage strokes are “Cross-grain”, moving against the muscles and tendons to relieve the pains and aches.

It also includes a strong amount of pressure on the pain points and hurting muscles as part of the process to relieve the muscle tension. To apply deeper pressure on specific areas of the body, the therapist may use fingers or thumbs, knuckles and elbows.

This treatment successfully releases trigger points in muscles using methods which include ischemic compression (the act of applying steady strong pressure to a trigger point until it softens) and friction massage (massage strokes along the veinous direction of a muscle which creates a vacuum effect to introduce fresh blood and lymph rapidly into the tissues while pushing out the inflammatory fluids back into the normal blood circulation). In these two methods, the freshly oxygenated blood and lymph that floods the tissues with pain-relieving endorphins to replace the pain-inducing inflammatory fluids provides immediate relief.

A suitable session length for the slow-paced Outcall Spa Signature Deep Tissue Massage is atleast 90 minutes, giving the body tissues of the muscles sufficient time to warm up and then relax. On top of providing a well-trained therapist to work the muscles, the Outcall Spa delivers its premium service right to one’s doorstep. With such convenience, one can arrange for a massage session at any time the need arises – be it at home or even in a private space of one’s office.


While Deep Tissue Massage has many benefits, it is not suitable for everyone. Individuals who have any of the following conditions should get a doctor’s approval before booking a session:
-Are recovering from a recent surgery or medical procedure
-Had a recent fracture
-Are pregnant
-Have osteoporosis
-Have blood clots
-Have skin rashes

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