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Corporate Events

The lethargy of mid afternoon in the office can be a torturous moment for any office worker. Imagine trained, professional therapists roaming your office ready to help relieve the accumulated stress and tiredness with a 10-minute shoulder and neck massage right at the workstation. With The Outcall Spa, we can make that dream a reality.

Whether it is treating your staff to a rejuvenating massage at their desks, or giving the ladies the option of an express manicure at lunchtime, The Outcall Spa never disappoints any office space we step into. Relieve the tension, break the monotony, lift the spirits as we come to you.

3 Reasons To Call Us

Fully equipped with massage chairs & beds, oils, towels and more

Experienced, professional therapists

Our Service-focused culture ensures you get nothing but the best

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Spa Party

How do you make a special gathering even more special?

Answer: The Outcall Spa

For years, The Outcall Spa has been the talking point of home parties, family gatherings, hen’s nights and more. Our presence at private events, parties and family gatherings mean only one thing – everyone’s going to have a great time!

From small intimate gatherings to social functions of up to a hundred pax, The Outcall Spa is equipped and ready to bring the luxury and relaxation of a spa right into your midst. Treat yourself, your loved ones and friends to an unforgettable evening.

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