Postnatal Massage

Postnatal Massage In Singapore

To all mothers, congratulations on your new baby! More importantly, well done! Even after birth, your body may still experience water retention and body aches. Therefore, a well-planned and professional postnatal massage is vital to encourage womb recovery and help you get back in shape. After all, you deserve a great mummy's massage! Let our massage therapist at The Outcall Spa pamper you with our postnatal massage services, and help you regain your fitness, health and vitality through our signature postnatal massage therapy in Singapore.

The Complete 90-min Postnatal Massage Therapy

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Step 1

Jamu Post Natal Massage

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Step 2

Fat Diminisher Therapy ( ≥8-Day Package)

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Step 3

Application of Jamu paste

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Step 4

Bengkung binding

When can I start my Postnatal Massage in Singapore?

Before signing up for our prenatal massage or postnatal massage, it’s important for our clients to know when they can start treatments. For mothers who have given birth through natural birth, you can begin The 90-min Complete Postnatal Therapy one week postpartum. For mothers who have given birth via Caesarean (C-Section), you can begin therapy one month postpartum.

We provide this notice beforehand for our clients to understand the reasons why postnatal massages may not be done immediately after birth to allow healing for the body after experiencing birth.

Natural birth – We need a week between your delivery to the start of the therapy to give the pregnancy hormones to dissipate and allow the body to stabilise.

Caesarean (C-Section) – Your body has just gone through major surgery, and the 1-month rest time is for the scar to heal and for you to regain your strength. More importantly, if your scar still causes you pain, lying flat down on the massage bed may cause discomfort, which will also affect the level of enjoyment during the massage.

Health Benefits of Postnatal Massage Therapy

Pampering a healthier body and soul after the arduous journey of pregnancy for mothers through full body massage

What are the benefits of Bengkung Belly Wrap?

Bengkung binding involves using an elastic white cloth to bind the belly – from just below chest level to the hips – tightly. It is to be worn for at least six hours for the best results. This traditional Malay belly wrap provides excellent support for a new mum’s body posture as it supports the torso and pelvic bone while assisting with the retraction of the abdominal muscles. It can vastly improve one’s body shape in a few short weeks.


Here’s what our customers have to say about their experiences with us:

“I had the postnatal massage and my husband had the deep tissue and both were AMAZING! I especially loved the little details they provide.”
Jie Ying
“Had the post natal massage – Really professional service and personalized experience. They pay attention to details and my therapist Flora was really good!”
The Outcall Spa
Eunice Lim

Incorporating Fat Diminisher Therapy into Your Postnatal Massage Package

Our massage therapists include a combination of hand massage techniques and a non-invasive slimming machine with high-frequency vibrations to effectively massage your whole body. This highly effective body care is designed to help you gain your perfect figure quickly and safely. By combining Fat Diminisher Therapy with traditional postnatal massage techniques, we help clients achieve the best results.

Our Complete 90-min Postnatal Massage Package Is Suited For Every Mother

Pregnancy is never an easy journey. We believe that every mother in Singapore deserves to be pampered after going through something as arduous as pregnancy and birth.

Our 90-minute full-body massage treatment session is specially designed for mothers to give the body the tender loving care it needs so badly. It consists of a 75-minute full-body massage and 15 minutes of traditional bengkung wrap.

For customers who purchase the 8 days postnatal massage package and above, we combine both the traditional postnatal massage therapy with Fat Diminisher Therapy in every massage session. This combination allows the body to achieve better results in a shorter time period and helps to speed up the skin tightening process after birth.

Our team also provides prenatal massage therapy for expecting mothers too! We also offer a variety of massage therapies that target specific conditions, you can check them out on our spa menu. We also offer signature spa packages and gift cards that can be gifted to your loved ones because after all; sharing is caring! For more information, please feel free to contact us by sending us an email or contacting us via WhatsApp.

You deserve to be pampered for bringing new life to the world. Enquire about our postnatal massage therapy now!

Save $152
5 days
  • 90-min jamu oil massage inclusive of bengkung x5
  • Traditional bengkung cloth (worth $20)
  • Baby Massage Demo
  • Value of $1140
Save $306
8 days
  • 90-min jamu oil massage inclusive of bengkung x7
  • 90-min massage with Fat Diminisher Therapy (worth $298) x1
  • Traditional bengkung cloth (worth $20)
  • Baby Massage Demo
  • Value of $1894
Save $842
15 days
  • 90-min jamu oil massage inclusive of bengkung x12
  • 90-min massage with Fat Diminisher Therapy (worth $298) x3
  • Traditional bengkung cloth (worth $20)
  • Baby Massage Demo
  • Value of $3630
Save $1320
21 days
  • 90-min jamu oil massage inclusive of bengkung x15
  • 90-min massage with Fat Diminisher Therapy (worth $298) x6
  • Traditional bengkung cloth (worth $20)
  • Baby Massage Demo
  • Value of $5208
Save $2052
30 days
  • 90-min jamu oil massage inclusive of bengkung x20
  • 90-min massage with Fat Diminisher Therapy (worth $298) x10
  • Traditional bengkung cloth (worth $20)
  • Baby Massage Demo
  • Value of $7540

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