Regular massage sessions and better health

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Regular Massage for Better Health

Medical research shows that massage is beneficial with several medical benefits. One of the objectives of full body massage is to relax the entire body and is performed by using the hands and fingers to give long strokes. The massage is favorable to increase oxygen levels, reduce toxins, enhances flexibility and reduces stress in humans. An article published in The New York Times mentioned that the study was conducted with the help of volunteers by the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which proved that the volunteers who took a massage experienced reduction in stress levels which resulted in increased white blood cells help to build the immune system in the body. A healthy immune system helps fighting with cough, cold and fever.

Benefits of regular Massage sessions

Massage therapy can assist in curing most recurring injuries due to strain. Various types of massage techniques help relax the tight muscles which occur due to inadequate physical activity prior to playing any sport. Massage can also heal bone injuries caused due to an accident or a fall; it gives pain relief, even if the soft tissues of a person are damaged. Full body massage helps reduce sleep problems of an individual by generating hormones in the body and they keep muscles fit. Some of the important benefits of massage are listed below:-

  • Restore body balance and lessens back ache
  • Improves flexibility and relaxes muscles
  • Reduces stress and maintains blood pressure levels
  • Manages hormones and boosts immune system
  • Reduces wind from the body and helps staying in shape

Regular massage sessions have multiple benefits for everyone, including pregnant women and nursing moms. A female’s uterus has gone through many complications during the pregnancy, hence enrolling self to the exercise or massage sessions can be useful. The belly fat does not disappear overnight it usually takes four weeks to regain to its normal body shape. With the help of trained therapist regular sessions can help shrinkage of the pregnancy fat. Customers usually opt for a package of massage sessions which is more effective. An effective massage session can take something from 30mins to 1.5hours.

Any recipient who is suffering with chronic diseases should consult doctor before prescribing for massage therapy. This is because some therapies cause bruises, soreness, swelling, bumps on the body and tenderness and itching of the skin which cause further health concerns for the recipient.

Various other types of massages include the cup therapy, deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, Kinesiology, Myofascial Release, prenatal and postnatal massage, stretching massage, Prossage & Biofreeze Treatment etc. These massages help rejuvenate mentally and physically, help the body to detox, reduce pain and relax muscles. Many massage treatments specially aim at reducing the stress and help maintain the healthy lifestyle and cuts down on illness as it boosts the immune system. Usually these therapists inform the customers about certain do’s and Don’ts before and after any massage session. Contact a trained therapist today to bring well-being in your life.

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