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All our therapists are highly qualified and experienced masseuses who are trained specifically in different styles of massages.

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Expect nothing short of a fully immersive spa experience with your choice of aromatherapy massage oils.

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Our therapists arrive with all the essentials: massage table, sheets, oils, and scent, and complete it with fresh ginger tea.

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All prices listed are inclusive of travel, transportation, oils and everything needed for the massage. 

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Home Massage

Exhausted from a long day of work? Recharge at home with a pampering massage without travelling, dressing up, or inconvenience. Complete with massage bed and full spa setup.

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TOS Signature Treatment™

Home Visit Massage Singapore

90-min | $238        120-min | $298

This trademarked therapy session is The Outcall Spa’s best selling treatment as it blends perfectly the soothing strokes of a good Swedish massage together with pin-point accurate pressure for deep tissue relief. This head-to-toe massage will relax not just your aching body, but will also unravel your tired mind in unison.

Stress Begone (Swedish Massage)

Head Massage Singapore

90-min | $238        120-min | $298

This soothing therapy is designed for working adults who have their hands full keeping pace with careers, education, homes, children and more. Using long, soothing strokes typical of Swedish Massage, the masseuse will ever so gently loosen tensed up muscles and help you find relief amidst the stiff joints. 

Knots Away (Deep Tissue Massage)

Deep Tissue Massage Singapore

90-min | $238        120-min | $298

Let us get deep into those knots that have been keeping you up at night with our personalized variation of the Deep Tissue Massage. We’ll help you leave that stress-induced tension outside the bedroom door as we deliver a perfectly choreographed intensive muscle massage that will leave you in a state of complete bliss.

Tui Na (Traditional Chinese Massage)

Outcall Body Massage Singapore

90-min | $238        120-min | $298

Pronounced “twee nah”, this traditional Chinese massage style is famous for its health benefits. Regain your health as you remove blockages and the build-up of toxins in your body with techniques based on the same principles as acupuncture, except that the hands and fingers are used instead of needles. Let our fully certified therapists carefully remove the blockages in your system and help you regain a healthful flow in your qi

Gift of Life (Prenatal Massage)

Prenatal Massage

90-min | $268        120-min | $348

As a spa designed by mothers, we know how torturous the road to delivery can be. Prenatal massage is designed to ease all those back-pains and aches faced by heavily pregnant mommies. The sessions go up to 90mins at a time. Prenatal massage is suitable for mummies gestation period falls between week 20 to week 36. However, please consult your physician prior to any massage session. 

The Mommy Helper (Postnatal Massage)

Postnatal Massage Singapore

90-min | $268        120-min | $348

Immediately after childbirth, the traditional Javanese post-natal massage infused with lymphatic concepts is designed to get new mommies back in shape in the healthiest possible way. Traditional urut procedures are followed as each soothing massage session concludes with “binding” to help ladies return back to their body shape. This massage helps to tone and tighten up the stomach muscles and expel wind from the tummy after delivery. This is a total experience that is not to be missed by new mommies. 

Two-gether (Couples Massage)

Couple Massage Singapore

       60-min | $368         90-min | $368          120-min | $568

This luxurious treat is especially unique because it is meant to be shared! Show your love in a unique and memorable way as you immerse yourself in an oasis of health, relaxation and love with the special one in your life. The synchronized treatments can also be tailored to meet your individual needs. Be assured of pure soothing relaxation as you and your partner allow the stress of the week to melt away and slip into a moment of tranquility together.

Promotion: 60 min Couple Massage (one after another)
Valid till: 31/12/2021

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