Swedish Massage

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Tired? Treat yourself with soothing Swedish massage

Swedish massage has become the most common type of massage known to people. It ispopular all over the world, and has recently gained the interest of people in Asia as well. The massage gets its name from the pioneer of its technique, Per Henrik Ling, who was a Swedish physiologist. This massage therapy has been the foundation of other western massages including deep tissue massage and sports massage.

The aim of this massage is to relax the entire body without focusing on just a single spot or a muscle. Giving this massage is a technique in itself and an effective massage needs a trained therapist. A massage session usually lasts 45-60 mins. The masseuse uses hands, forearms and elbows to manipulate superficial layers of muscles. The body is rubbed with long skating strokes along the muscles to channelize blood returning towards the heart. This creates a soothing feeling and relaxes the entire body. The Swedish massage is also medically beneficial, apart from relaxing the body. It increases the oxygen level in the blood while improving circulation and flexibility. The massage provides mental relaxation, stress relief, anxiety; and also improves quality of sleep. Recently it has also been proved that this massage increases the white blood cells in the body, potentially boosting the immune system.

There are certain tried and tested techniques which constitute a session of the Swedish massage. These include circular pressure applied by hands (palms or fingers), firm kneading, bending and stretching. During the massage session, communication is encouraged by the masseuse to improvise and customize the massage according to the client’s needs. The style of massage can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing, depending on what the masseuse is trying to achieve. It is essential to look for skilled and certified masseuse who can perform Swedish massage. In Singapore, you will find many professionals who offer excellent services.

Swedish massages should always be performed by licensed masseurs even though there are very little side effects of the massage. The masseur should be aware of any serious medical conditions of the client before the session, for example fractures, recent surgery, kidney disease, torn ligaments or tendons etc.

Swedish massage is used as a therapy not only for physical relaxation but also mental relaxation. Along with improving muscle strength, the massage also helps improving the quality of sleep. Swedish massage is typically a full body massage with the masseuse working each body part individually. It involves a degree of nudity which might be awkward for new comers. But communicating to the masseuse about which body part you would like to be worked on more and where you are not comfortable with being touched allows the masseuse to process in your specified way.

There are certain medical conditions that proscribe Swedish massage and its best to ensure that you do not have any such conditions. With a professionally trained and experienced masseuse, the Swedish massage is certain not only to relax your body but also take away anxiety and any sleep issues. Certain medical benefits like decreasing blood pressure are now well established and hence even doctors suggest a Swedish massage for symptomatic therapy.

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