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We are specialists in bringing the whole spa experience to your premises (be it your house or hotel). Most of the home massages (or housecall massages) that are available today are performed by individual freelancers. The Outcall Spa is unique because all our massage therapists are certified and trained and they bring along a full set of spa supplies to create a spa station at your premises. Our goal is to give you the atmosphere, service standard of a premium spa, right in your own home. Oh yes, we bring along a spa-size massage bed too!

Our service covers the entire island of Singapore, including Sentosa (Note: There is a surcharge of $15 just to cover the entrance fee to the resort island.)

 Certainly. We can come to wherever you are in Singapore and transform it into a temporary spa during the treatment. Let us know your hotel name and room number, we will be there at the booking timing.

Our hotlines are manned from 11am to 12 midnight, 7 days a week. You can call, email or sms/whatsapp anytime during these hours to make a booking. If you want a booking past midnight, the actual booking request must be made before midnight on that night.
Yes. You will also receive a confirmation email with the date and time of the appointment and the name of your therapist.

 No, there are no further surcharges. We pride ourselves for having the ability to provide our services till 2am.

You can still make changes up to 5 hours before your spa appointment time, subject to availability of our new timing request. Your payment will be transferred over to the new appointment time.

 It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the full massage setup.

You may make a request and we will try our best to accommodate. However, we are unable to guarantee that you will get your preferred therapist as it depends on her/his availability. Making an advanced massage booking will give you a higher chance of securing your preferred therapist.

Our therapist will check regarding her availability. If her time slot allows, she can extend the treatment and collect the additional payment from you in cash. Receipts will only be issued the following day.
You can reschedule your appointment up to 5 hours before the appointment However, if you wish to cancel the booking with less than 5 hours to the appointment time, you will have to forfeit 50% of your booking fee. Refunds will be processed within 3 working days. If we have arrived at your premises and you decide to cancel the appointment, your booking fee will be 100% forfeited. In the event that your payment has not been collected, we will send the invoice to you. Payment that is not received by the stipulated time will be handled according to our standard finance procedures for payment recovery.

Our timing begins once the therapist has started the session (after the spa station is set up) and will last for the agreed duration according to the start time. If the customer requires a break or pause, the time will not be extended automatically due to our tight booking schedule. We strongly encourage our customers to settle all errands before or after the treatment period, so that you can have an enjoyable and undisturbed pampering session with us.

In this unlikely event that you are unable to proceed with the massage therapist that has been assigned to you, you may request to stop the service within 15 minutes after the treatment started. We will reschedule another time slot with another therapist. However the change may not take effect immediately, and will likely to be rescheduled within a week, or as soon as we have an available slot.

Yes, you can! The Outcall Spa is a provider for many private events and specialises in making the day a special one for all attending. Whether it is an intimate party or an event for hundreds, we can tailor the party to your needs and budget. We provide all the equipment plus towels, creams or oils etc needed. You don’t have to prepare anything. Just give us a call or SMS at 8782 0561, or email us with the details and we can provide a detailed quote. Read more

Our therapists offers all types of full body massages as they are all certified. Our most popular request is the Swedish massage, followed by Deep Tissue and Tui-na (Traditional Chinese Massage). You may choose your preferred therapy here(hyperlink to spa menu page) for more details on the types of massages we offer. Our therapists can tailor a full body massage to suit your preference – just let the therapists know when they arrive.
The Outcall Spa is the only mobile spa company that uses specialised pregnancy massage beds (additional $20) for our heavily pregnant mothers-to-be. The bed is made in the USA and is designed to cater specifically for the mother’s bump allowing for maximum comfort in a face-down position. For more details on this bed, refer to this link. With all the aches that your pregnancies brings to you, lying face down during your prenatal massage is the best way to pamper yourself and release your back ache!
No. The Outcall Spa is a professional organisation and we take all and any propositions for sexual services seriously. Clients who disrespect the dignity of our therapists will be referred without hesitation to the authorities. If our massage therapist is made to feel uncomfortable or in danger at any point during the appointment, she can activate help with a press of an emergency button that she is equipped with and leave the premises immediately.