Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage is a gentle pressure treatment which improves one’s immune system and general health by focusing on lymphatic drainage and circulation. Its light, circular strokes on the skin’s surface encourages the lymphatic system to eliminate waste from the body and reduce swelling.

What is the Lymphatic System?

The human body’s lymphatic system is an extensive network of lymph vessels connected by nodes in the groin, underarms, and neck. It plays an important role in cleaning and nourishing one’s cells, in order to maintain a strong immunity. Traveling about in the lymph vessels in one direction towards the heart is a clear fluid called lymph, which collects wastes and toxins that cannot be absorbed by the blood capillary vessels and transfers them to be cleaned in the nodes.

Poor lymphatic flow can occur due to the following reasons:

•Poor diet choices – Unhealthy food creates congestion in the blood cells and produces more waste in the body that needs to be cleared by the lymph.

•Lack of Exercise – Muscle movement keeps the lymph circulating around the body. Therefore, not keeping the muscles in shape results in sluggish lymph flow.

•Injury or Surgery – After injuries or surgery, especially those that involve lymph node removal, the lymph rushes to that particular area to aid healing. However, due to damage or removal of lymph nodes, lymphedema (fluid retention and tissue swelling in a localized area) can occur instead.

•Pregnancy – As the body retains more fluids during pregnancy, swelling in the ankles due to water retention is commonly experienced.

When this occurs, the most effective therapy to bolster the body’s lymphatic system is The Outcall Spa Signature Lymphatic Massage.

Lymphatic Massage Techniques

Unlike the usual massages’s firm pressure which focus on stimulation and deep tissue, The Outcall Spa Signature Lymphatic Massage’s therapeutic touch is delicate, rhythmic movements with almost imperceptible pressure. Using the basic “stationary circles” technique, the certified therapist drains the lymphatic vessels by gently pushing lymph in the correct flow around the body. Starting near the lymph nodes that the therapist is draining to and slowly moving away, the technique clears the vessels for the lymph to push towards the node, and coaxes them along with the zero pressure “suction” effect.

The Outcall Spa’s therapists are highly trained in this specialty massage to ensure that they provide the correct pressure, steady rhythm, and proper sequence and direction of strokes throughout the massage. Because the original Lymphatic massage has an extremely soft touch, some customers in Asia request for a stronger pressure. Thus, our skilled therapists know exactly how much additional pressure will cater to their needs while delivering the best results.

A suitable length for this massage session is at least 90 minutes, working through the entire body.

Lymphatic Massage Benefits

The Outcall Spa Signature Lymphatic Massage is the massage of choice for the following major health benefits:

1)Detoxification – The massage effectively gets rid of the waste and toxins residing in the body, increasing overall health.

2)Reduction of Water retention – The massage gently pressures all excess fluids from extremities of the body back into the regular blood vessels to exit the body. Thus, usually customers will feel thirsty after The Outcall Spa Signature Lymphatic Massage.

3)Skin Care – With regular sessions of Lymphatic Massage, skin quality is also improved and acne cleared.

4)Healing and Reduction of swelling after injury – By improving the circulation around the injured area, the lymph moves faster to flush out the toxins from the affected area and reduce the swelling, speeding up the healing process.

5)Relaxation – With a touch even gentler than the Swedish Massage, The Outcall Spa Signature Lymphatic Massage coaxes the muscles to relax and allows the customer to feel rested and re-invigorated at the end of the session.

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