Deep tissue massage- what you need to know?

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An exclusive form of therapeutic massage that focuses on deep tissues of muscles and face is known as deep tissue massage. While doing the deep tissue massage fingers are used to apply pressure slowly over the body. It is known that deep massage gives relief from various physical disorders. As per the research, The Medical Centre of University of Maryland states that deep tissue massage has proven more effective to cure chronic and prolonged pain. It reduces chronic pain, increases blood circulation in the body which in turn reduces irritation and relaxes muscles which loosens the tight tissues. Deep tissue massage is also beneficial for pain relief, maintaining blood pressure levels, and it helps the human body to generate serotonin hormone which creates positivity. As per medical research, there are various benefits of deep tissue massage, some of them are listed below.

  • Reduces persistent pain
  • Stress relief
  • Recuperates from muscle injury
  • Improves flexibility
  • Lessens stiffness in the body
  • Deep tissue massage gives speedy recovery from surgeries
  • Reduces muscle tension in the legs, lower and upper back, elbow
  • Reduces scars on the body

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques – Irrespective of the technique being used deep tissue massage takes several hours to give a full body massage, sometimes there are several sessions required as the lengthy sessions release toxins from the body. Some techniques used in the deep tissue massage are:

Static Pressure – in this procedure usage of fingers, thumbs and elbows are used for muscle to relax. Initially this technique might cause minor distress as the fingers penetrate in the skin for deep tissue therapy.

Active Motion – this procedure stretches the muscles, softens and relaxes the muscle. This method allows the therapist to move between the fibers for painless dispersion of fingers.

Passive Motion – In this method, the therapist uses one hand on the muscle and other hand on the body part which is also a full body therapy. This technique is very exhausting; hence usually there are two experts who carry out the deep tissue manipulation.

Negative Pressure – recipients from this technique should expect muscle fibers to enlarge as suction cups are used while performing massage. This method allows space for muscles to release lactic acid and toxins speedily.

Muscle Stripping – though this is the most painful massage technique of deep tissue massage, it is effective in extreme physical conditions caused due to accidents. This is advised when a speedy result is looked-for.

While looking for a deep tissue massage therapist Singapore, it is essential to know all the details about the massage.

Deep tissue message is suitable for any Osteoarthritis pain, and can be performed after heavy workout. One should do a few things after the massage, like drinking water post session to flush out toxins, avoid taxing activities, not to eat heavy meal post massage. Any person should mention about any drug reactions or possible precautions to the therapist before the massage.

Deep Tissue massage is not recommended for people suffering with skin diseases or rashes, if gone through a major surgery, post chemotherapy, not recommended for pregnant women, and people who had recent fractures.

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