Deep Tissue Massage

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What’s The Difference between Sport Massage and Deep Tissue Massage?

Massage has been in practice for thousands of years and is considered complementary or an alternative to medical treatment, as well as for relaxation purposes. It’s still being practiced for the same reasons, but now there are a variety of … Read More

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Deep Tissue Massage and its Medical Benefits

Recent clinical research proves massage therapy is the best source of relaxation. Massage helps in reducing stress and muscular pain. It restores perfect balance of your mind and body and revitalizes your body after a stressful day. A properly done … Read More

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Sports Massage

Role of Sports Massage in Performance Sports massage usually forms an integral part of any sportsman or woman irrespective of they are injured or not. It not only helps the athlete maintain physical well-being but also helps him condition his … Read More

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Deep tissue massage- what you need to know?

An exclusive form of therapeutic massage that focuses on deep tissues of muscles and face is known as deep tissue massage. While doing the deep tissue massage fingers are used to apply pressure slowly over the body. It is known … Read More