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Role of Sports Massage in Performance

Sports massage usually forms an integral part of any sportsman or woman irrespective of they are injured or not. It not only helps the athlete maintain physical well-being but also helps him condition his physiological and psychological states. Sports massages are mainly aimed at channelizing endomorphic secretion. This helps the athlete with getting rid of anxiety and calms him down, effectively relieving pain and boosting energy.

Sports massage is a recovery massage therapy intended for athletes of sports. Every kind of sport requires focusing on and stressing of a certain set of muscles. These muscles sore down due to their extensive and often aggressive use. There are a wide range of massage therapies on offer by professionals. The type and technique of massage therapy depends solely on the choice of sport by the athlete. Every sport has been known to be associated with certain types of pains or injuries and thus the therapy depends on the specific sport.

Sports massage at least every two weeks should be a part of the schedule for people participating regularly in some sort of sport that demands intense physical activity. The massage proves relaxing for the targeted muscles and helps relieve pain. There are extensive cases of light and intense injuries regarding sports like gymnastics, football, hockey etc. and the athlete can opt for special courses concerning massages that aid with these injuries and help them heal faster. Certain professionals provide with specially designed and customized massage courses, more suitable to the athlete’s personality and body type. Having a regular massage at scheduled intervals also increases flexibility and range of motion of the muscles. It is highly recommended for an athlete who has blood pressure issues and certainly boosts the athlete’s performance.

There are a large number of massage therapy techniques employed by professionals with variations in pressure applied, area of focus, massage technique and personal requirement of the athlete. Some of these include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology etc. The deep tissue massage is widely popular and focuses on deeper layer of muscle tissues surrounding bones and joints. It is a slow massage therapy and a deeper penetrating force is applied on tense and tender points. This kind of massage might not specifically target sport-related injuries but has been proved effective in treating back strains and whiplashes. Trigger point therapy focuses on the tight areas within the muscle tissue with triggers pain in other adjacent parts of the body. The sports scene in Singapore is rapidly changing and professionals have started offering massage therapy services to suit the athletes’ demands. While choosing a therapist it is essential that he is well qualified for the treatment.

A number of highly qualified people are setting up locations in Singapore for sports massage therapy. Such spas employ the best therapists that have been formally trained. Some of the therapists are even certified by the Singapore sports council. There therapists have good experience working with renowned athletes providing an assurance of best and effective sports massage.

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