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Everything you need to know about Prenatal and post natal massage

It is the right of every female to pamper herself during the course of pregnancy and postpartum. She would want to cherish her body to nourish the baby within her and after the birth of a little one. It is proven that a special massage would have multiple benefits to the baby and the mother reducing the stress suffered during pregnancy.

Prenatal and postnatal Massage

A prenatal massage is performed before the baby is born; it is vital as it helps ease out tense muscles, improves blood circulation and promotes healthy birth of the baby. Post natal massage is done once the baby is born after 5-6 days in case of a natural birth and after a month in case of C-section. Malay post-natal massage helps women to get back in shape; it is performed with a piece of cloth tied with herbs. Both prenatal and postnatal massage has to be performed by trained therapists who know the right techniques.

Urut is also popular because the technique is very well-defined, and beneficial. In this massage, the abdomen is massaged which helps to tighten the skin and helps female regain the initial shape. Jamu is used in this massage. With Jamu technique, another procedure is used in Malay post-natal massage where stones are used to flush out toxins from the body. The main objective of Jamu massage is to treat post-natal water retention, help uterus to gain its original position in case of natural delivery, eject the gas out of the body, and reduce air. Other techniques include using hot stones or steam on various parts of the body in order to expel toxins. It is essential to look for a professional who can perform Urut in Singapore to get the best results.

Benefits of prenatal and postnatal massage

The massage is performed during prenatal and postnatal condition. The types and techniques used depend upon the condition. A typical massage session would last from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the requirement of the recipient. Some benefits are listed below

  • Prenatal massage helps would be mothers to cope up with physical need
  • The massage relaxes the muscles, thus helping mothers to bear labor cramp during the delivery of the baby
  • Prenatal massage also benefits the baby as it eases out the mother’s body
  • Postpartum massage reduces stress of the delivery
  • Helps regain body shape after pregnancy
  • Reduces backache and helps reduce water retention after child birth
  • Helps in lactation, reduces the effects due to hormonal changes, and relieves from muscle pain
  • The post natal massage also tones the pelvic muscle
  • Reduces wind from the body and thus helps flatten tummy

Precautions while undergoing massage

While performing prenatal and postnatal massage, one should check if the therapist is trained and experienced. The therapist should have undergone training and should have knowledge about the female body structure and pregnancy related issues. The therapist is not expected to know the cultural expectations, but should have knowledge, respect and should communicate with all types of recipients. Any wrong strokes might disturb the location of the uterus and cause more pain to the female body. There are training and certification courses provided by associations on prenatal and postnatal care.

Happy motherhood!

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