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Understanding Urut Massage

What is Urut?

Urut is a Malay word for massage, it is usually performed on female’s pre and post pregnancy period. Malay massage is an effective massage therapy which helps rejuvenate the mind and the body. It improves blood circulation, fuels up the nerves and relaxes bones and muscles. The massage is given to the abdomen, face, back, legs, head and toes. It helps in reducing the wind from the body which is developed during pregnancy and shrinks the stomach. In case of natural birth the expert therapist performing the massage helps reducing the swelling on the uterus due to the pregnancy. It is advisable for females who have undergone C-section to start the massage after one month from the delivery. The massage is performed with fingers and hands using pressure to the parts of the body.

In Malay language, the word Jamu means herbs which are used for massage. These herbs have natural healing properties which are tied in a binder. These binders are placed on the stomach for the belly fat to shrink, also neck and back are massaged with the herbs binder to cure eye strain, dizziness and for the muscles to relax. Jamu treatment is very popular in Asia and this is followed from 17th century to give benefit to women post pregnancy stress.

Urut Massage therapy

The origins of Urut and Jamu massage dates back to 17th century in Malaysia which is said to be the best post birth of the child. Later it gained popularity in Singapore and Indonesia. The female went through stress during pregnancy, her lifestyle changes and experience lot of physical and mental changes. To recuperate with these physical and mental changes the traditional massage therapy is used which is absolutely rejuvenating. The massage is helpful for mothers who breastfeed their babies as increases it increases flow of milk. It also cures the stiffness in the back and aches which is caused due to wrong seating positions while feeding the baby. While giving the Malay massage the techniques used are similar with some minor differences. The objective of Urut therapy is to gain natural shape, reduce the baby gained during pregnancy, helps in water retention and remove the winds. Prenatal and postnatal massage has always considered significant in Asian culture from centuries.

An effective massage usually takes 1 hour to 1.5 hours for one session depending on the requirements of the female; some females also request for breast massage which helps in increasing flow of the milk and does not clog the milk ducts. The massage helps especially to all mothers who have gone through a traumatic delivery and unplanned delivery.

Some benefits of Urut massage are mentioned below:

  • Lifts the womb and repositions the uterus
  • Reduces body and stubborn tummyfat which gets deposited during pregnancy
  • Slimming and reshaping of body to prior pregnancy condition
  • Reduces toxins and muscular pain in the body
  • Gives relief from the body ache and stress
  • Improves blood circulation and shrinks the tissues enlarged during pregnancy
  • Firms the vaginal area of a female
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Improves the confidence levels

It is advisable to hire a trained therapist of midwife to perform the massage as they are experienced and skilled to carry out the job. Enjoy the post pregnancy period with right massage which brings positivity in your lifestyle.

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