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The Outcall Spa

4 mobile beauty services perfect for busy S’pore women

One of the four beauty mobile services features – spa treatments from The Outcall Spa. Stella Tan (middle), 35, came up with the idea for a mobile spa with her business partner after realising that Singapore lacks housecall massage therapy services.

The Outcall Spa

Founded by two busy mummies, The Outcall Spa is pretty much a spa on wheels because what the homegrown company provides are beauty and wellness services.

Ms Chong Li Yuen, 36, and her business partner, Ms Stella Tan, 35, came up with this idea after realising that Singapore lacks housecall massage therapy services. The two co-founders themselves are huge fans of massages and selected their team of four massage therapists after interviewing over 200 applicants.

This mobile spa is probably every massage enthusiast’s dream come true. It is especially desirable for those of us who would much rather get a massage from the comforts of our own abodes and are way too busy (or lazy) to step out during the weekends.

After booking an appointment with The Outcall Spa, your therapist will come bearing a portable bed (yes, you read that right) as well as a selection of special massage oils. You’ll get to choose your preferred aromatherapy scent, too. And get this — the therapist will even come bearing a portable music player to set the mood as you enjoy your massage.

We tried out their ear candling service as well. Did you know? Ear candling therapy could help you achieve that coveted V-shaped face. It was an interesting experience for us, especially since we had never tried out such a treatment before. Though it was a little daunting at first, we could feel that the area under our earlobes had become less “fleshy” post-treatment. The therapists had skillfully massaged that specific area as part of the ear candling service.

The Outcall Spa opened in April this year, a mere six months after the idea was conceptualised. And we hear that the founders are already finding it tough to cope with overwhelming demand from customers. All this without any form of advertisement done. Pretty impressive, huh?

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