Post-Natal Massage

Postnatal Massage Singapore

Post-natal massage is administered to mothers after they have given birth.  Usually done in the first weeks of confinement period, it is a full body massage starting from the feet and moving upwards to finish at the head.  The OutCall Spa Signature Best Postnatal Massage Singapore aims to relax the new mother’s aching muscles, return her body shape to pre-pregnancy stage, and encourage her body to care for the baby.

Benefits of Post-Natal Massage

Pregnancy takes a huge toil on the mother’s body, as she has undergone much physical stress and trauma in the past nine months carrying the baby and during the recent labour. The Outcall Spa Signature Post Natal Massage Singapore specifically helps mothers to:

  • Relax muscles, reducing anxiety and stress.  Massage has always been known to have relaxing effects, and post-natal massage takes things one step further by focusing attention on areas of the body that have been particularly stressed during pregnancy.  By relieving tension in the knotted up muscles especially at the abdomen, back, hips and neck area, it helps the new mother to relax and have better sleep and rest.  The improved circulation also gets rid of toxins in the muscles and blood, thus reducing pain and aches without medication, and advancing recovery.
  • Have increased milk flow for breastfeeding. Improving circulation, opening ducts, and helping the body to release a chemical that triggers milk flow, breast massage is an integral part of the post-natal massage session.  With soft and gentle strokes, the Outcall Spa Signature Post-Natal massage relaxes the chest muscles, helps to relieve engorged breasts and breast soreness, and improves lactation.
  • Regulate hormones.  Just after giving birth, a mother’s estrogen and progesterone hormone levels drop drastically while the Prolactin and oxytocin hormones increase naturally for breastfeeding.  With regular sessions of relaxing therapy, the mother’s body achieves balance in the hormones secretion and reduces the stress hormone, thus balancing the mood as well.  It is a proven treatment for Postpartum depression, a condition brought about by drastic hormonal changes and transitional adjustments which affects two thirds of new mothers.
  • Reduce water retention.  Water retention, a common factor in pregnancy, is effectively released through the trained techniques of the Outcall Spa therapist.  The lymphatic nodes drain out excess fluids and waste and the movements in the body tissue push water to the correct recovering body spots.  This firms up the skin elasticity and rids the mother of her ‘bloated’ look.
  • Improve the Body Shape.  During the massage, the therapist “pushes” the uterus up to its original position, coaxing it back to original size and promoting a speedy recovery.  The Outcall Spa Signature Post-Natal Massage then ends off with the stiff bengkungbelly wrap – an elastic white cloth bound tightly around a mother’s figure from the chest to below the hips (to be worn at least 6 hours for best results).  This traditional Malay tummy binding provides an excellent holistic support for the mother’s posture in supporting the torso and pelvic organs while assisting with abdominal wall muscle retraction – vastly improving the mother’s body shape in several short weeks.

More about Post-Natal Massage

The duration of the Outcall Spa Signature Post-Natal Massage session is generally 75 minutes massage and 15 minutes bengkung wrapping.  In addition, The Outcall Spa users can opt for an additional 20 minutes Thermal Blanket session. This ingenious Thermal Blanket U.S. technology works like a mini sauna to sweat out the fats.  The skilled therapist wraps the mother’s body in a heated blanket, and the mother can simply relax and breathe comfortably while the therapist gives a soothing head massage.

Topping off the health benefits, The Outcall Spa Signature Post-Natal Massage delivers the full spa experience in pampering the mother, with the premier service of Post-Natal massage conducted in the comfort of the mother’s home.  Not only is this especially convenient for nursing mothers, but even more importantly, the mother does not even have to step out from the house.

Additional Tips for Post-Natal Massage

  • For mothers with normal birth, the first session can be started within 1 week after labour.
  • For mothers with caesarean birth, the first session can be started around 3-6 weeks after the surgery, with her gynecologist’s approval.
  • It is recommended to do the post-natal massage sessions for at least 15 days in a row for greater effectiveness.

A suitable time for the post-natal massage is when all the baby’s needs have been satisfied, such as feeding or showering.  If the baby is comfortable, he is less likely to be looking for the mother in that 2 hours duration that she is having the massage session

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