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Massage service at home- Outcall massage Singapore

Do you want to get a good massage but do not want to step out of home? No problem. Outcall massage service is perfect option to get relaxed or relieve pain at the comfort of your convenient place. In Singapore, you will find many massage service options to choose from.In simple words, you can get a massage of your choice at the privacy of your own house, service apartment or hotel room.

What is outcall massage?

Outcall massage is a service provided by therapists and masseuses where they visit the client’s place for a massage session, instead of the client coming to them. This service is employed for certain special cases where the client is unable to reach out to the therapist viz. home-bound, less-abled or terminally ill clients. House-call massage therapists are available with agencies for these special cases. These massage sessions are held at client preferred locations such as home, a resort area, business office or any other location.

Outcall vs in call

Outcall massage differs by their very nature from an in-call massage. Clients feel more at home for an outcall massage since the location is suggested by them. During regular massage sessions, the client might not be fully comfortable as it involves undressing at an unknown place. During outcall massage, the client feels more relaxed and comfortable. He / She can communicate with the masseuse better which helps the masseuse in focusing on specific problem areas.

There is a great deal of difference in pricing for the same type of outcall and in-call massage. The outcall massage can amount up to twice the price of an in-call one. For an outcall massage, the therapist needs to devote a great deal of his or her time for one client, considering the travel and setup time at the client’s place. During an in-call massage, the therapist can precisely control the ambiance of the room like temperature, music etc. for an optimum relaxing feeling. Outcall massages do not guarantee a perfect ambiance and the entire responsibility of relaxing the client is on the masseuse.

Outcall massage- an emerging trend

A growing trend of outcall massages is seen in recent days in Singapore. One can easily find outcall massage services in there. Well trained therapists are employed by agencies which ensure a relaxing and satisfying experience in the comfort of client’s own chosen environment.

What to expect in an outcall massage session?

You make an appointment be clear with the all the details like- massage needed, price, address etc. The Masseuse will carry the massage table, towel and other materials needed. He/she will setup the table and then you can enjoy the massage. Just completely submit your mind, soul and whole body and masseuse will take you into a realm of relaxation, and peace. The power of perfect healing touch with appropriate pressure applied at correct pressure points will make you relax.

Surely, an outcall massage is double the cost of an in call massage session but the massage session in your own comfortable surroundings is surely worth the price without any trouble to travel anywhere.

So, what are you waiting for? If you crave for a massage in Singapore at the comfort of your convenient place, just ask for the outcall massage services Singapore and you will certainly enjoy it!

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