Increase Milk Flow with Breast Massage

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Breastfeeding your child is like investing in their future health. A mother’s breast milk contains all the required nutrients the baby needs and it also protects the baby from allergies, infections and digestion related problems. Babies who are breastfed have healthier weight and studies show breastfed babies have a higher IQ as well.

However, the milk supply of your breasts could change any time of the day. It’s highly dependent on how frequently you nurse your baby and also on what you have been eating. If you find your milk supply is low, massaging your breasts could effectively ensure breast milk stimulation.

Why is Breast Massage Necessary?

Breast milk flows through the milk ducts, which can sometimes get clogged. By massaging your breasts, these ducts will clear up and allow the milk to flow freely. When your breasts are empty, your body will be triggered to produce more milk. The more milk you produce, the heavier milk flow you get.

Breast massage is not only beneficial for milk production, but is also proven to relieve menstrual cramps and post pregnancy discomfort. You will feel relaxed and with time your breasts will become firmer. The overall lymphatic drainage of your breasts improves, which decreases your risk of developing breast cancer. While massaging, you will also be self-examining your breasts for lumps and bumps. Some women massage their breasts merely to stimulate breast growth for a larger cup size. Still, it is recommended that you opt for professional breast massage to ensure optimal results.

How to Massage Your Breasts

To massage your breasts, first start pumping your lymph glands that are located under your armpits. This will get the blood flowing towards your breasts. Try to get your hands on a natural lotion that’s safe for your baby and use that when massaging. Alternatively, you can use organic coconut oil or olive oil as well. Then move towards your breasts by gently rubbing and squeezing. Make sure you don’t press too hard or you risk damaging glandular tissue. The massage should be relaxing, not painful. If you feel your breasts are getting warm, it’s a good sign that the blood is flowing freely. You can do these massages daily in the bath as well and use soap as a lubricant.


Gently massaging your breasts everyday can help your baby receive a heavier flow of milk, which means he/she has to do less work when sucking. It will also help the mother increase the fat content of the milk, which is healthy for the baby. If your baby is not gaining weight, try the breast massage techniques provided here and see if it improves the health of your baby or not. Alternatively, you can ease the hassle and schedule a professional massage, which will surely allow for greater breast milk stimulation than if you massage your breasts on your own at home.

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