Get a New Lease of a Life with a Singapore Outcall Massage

Given the hectic pace of life in Singapore, it’s prudent to unwind and avoid situations that lead to elevated stress levels. Every individual, whether at work or with children, must get a break here. Massages can greatly alleviate built up stress, and a therapist who provides Singapore outcall massage is able to offer the same relaxation as a hotel massage, which is advantageous during COVID times. Just like any premium spa massages service, the price range are withing SGD 200 – 300.

In the absence of a hotel massage, a Singapore outcall massage is able to cater to requirements of different clients. Such a massage has to be administered exclusively by a licensed massager. It is done at a location different from that of the licensed massage shop. Businesses that provide spa services during the pandemic take precaution on the safety of their massage therapists and clients through rigorous sanitary standards and regular health checks.

Making the Clients Understand

Today, therapists who practice outcall massages visit clients in their homes, hotel rooms, or company offices. They bring along their massage bed and all necessity like towels, choices of essential oils with them to customer house. However, due to the mix association between massage therapy and the sex industry, therapists who do outcall massage are often circumspect and very transparent with their customers.

When a client calls up to schedule an appointment, the therapist may need answers to the following questions to elicit additional information and set treatment expectations:

1) What type of massage is desired by the client?

2) Is this the Client’s First Call?

3) How long does the client want the massage session to last?

4) Where does the client wish to have the massage performed?

5) How did the client learn about the therapist?

6) What time does the client wish to have the massage?

7) Is the client more comfortable with a female or a male therapist?

Best Advantages of Massages

  1. People like to appear fresh and self-assured. As a result, spas carry a variety of beauty/skin care goods and actively push customized facial therapy massages and regular skin care sessions.
  2. Massage stimulates blood circulation, which is important for the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells.
  3. Water therapies nurture the spirit by mimicking the yin and yang energies. The human body is able to achieve actual equilibrium in water as it provides the necessary balance.
  4. Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts benefit significantly from muscular tension reduction techniques practiced by competent therapists.
  5. Women get the advantages of pre and post natal care from them.

Based on these, here’s a look at some of the types of massages:

  1. Sports Massage– While similar to Swedish massage, this type is geared toward athletes in order to aid in preventing or treating injuries.
  2. Swedish Massage– This gentle approach utilizes deep circular movements, tapping,  lengthy strokes, kneading, and vibrations, allowing users to feel rested and invigorated at the same time.
  3. Trigger Point Massage- It relaxes areas with tightened muscle fibers.
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