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The Outcall Spa

Clients get full spa experience at home

Mobile businesses set up shop at clients’ homes for their convenience

An injury at home prevented Ms Chong Li Yuen from going for her regular massage.

But that incident last September sparked an idea – a mobile massage service that provides a full spa experience in the client’s home.

She tells The New Paper on Sunday: “In-home spa and massage service are common in Western countries, but you cannot find a reputable one here.”

The 36-year-old decided to rope in a friend for the business venture.

Together with Ms Stella Tan, 35, owner of an interior design firm, they figured the business needed drivers, therapists and vans to transport equipment including a massage bed, towels, essential oils and even ginger tea.

Their only experience with massage techniques was what they had received as customers.

But when the duo launched The Outcall Spa in April, it was immediately popular. It receives an average of six appointments daily and double that on a good day.

Ms Tan says: “We didn’t expect such a huge response, so we had to advertise to hire not just more manpower but the right people to represent the company.”

To sieve out the good from the bad, Ms Tan tried out the massage therapists.

The Outcall Spa brings the spa straight to you, providing quality massage in the comfort of your own home. TNP PHOTO: ARIFFIN JAMAR

“We had 50 to 60 people interviewing for the job, and Stella ended up receiving a lot of free massages,” says Ms Chong.

The pair now hire eight employees – four are therapists, and the rest are drivers and customer service staff.


Ms Tan says: “Since this is a mobile business, there is no limit on scalability. The more staff we employ, the more appointments we can take.”

The Outcall Spa is a hit among people with erratic schedules.

Mr Victor Cui, 44, a chief executive officer, is a regular customer. He travels three to four days a week and is often home only late at night. With The Outcall Spa, he manages to have his massages even at 11pm.

Says Mr Cui: “I book an appointment once a week, and once the massage ends at 1am, I can walk a few steps to my bedroom and fall asleep immediately.”

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