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The Outcall Spa


Friends with benefits take on a whole new meaning with these mumpreneurs, whose businesses can boost our lives, too. BY JO UPCRAFT

Stella Tan (right), 36, and Amber Chong, 36, helm The Outcall Spa. Stella has two children, Hailie, 7, and Matthias, 2. Amber’s kids are Avril, also 7, and Eason, who’s 7 weeks old.

Like most mums, Stella and Amber are huge fans of spa treatments. But when kids come along, getting a massage is the last thing on our to-do list. “Such treats are a rarity. I missed my me-time and I knew I wasn’t alone,” says Stella.

Then she met Amber at daughter Hailie’s kindergarten, and they came up with the idea to set up a service of premium at-home spa treatments. “The easy part was knowing we wanted to introduce this fuss-free mobile service where the treatments come to mums instead of the other way round,” says Amber “Everything else was tough!”

Looking for the right therapists with prior experience in premium spas, trying each one out personally, sourcing the correct beds and drivers, and launching the website as well as the operations schedule was hard work.

Within a few weeks of starting earlier this year they were overcome with bookings for the massages, which ranged from deep tissue to those for breastfeeding mums. “Although they yearn for some pampering, our clients find it hard to leave home. By bringing the spa experience to them, they can relax and still be there for their families,” says Stella.

As blissful as it sounds, life is not always chill. “Being an entrepreneur is not a job, it’s a lifestyle,” says Amber “We’re constantly thinking about how to improve. For example, we’re offering facials and scrubs soon. Our passion could take over our entire lives.”

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