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The Outcall Spa

visit https://www.theoutcallspa.com or call 8782-0561 to book an appointment.

The brainchild of (left) Amber Chong, 36, and (right) Stelaa Tan, 35.

Outcall Spa is a mobile massage service (they don’t have a brick and mortar stone) but it’s as real home spa as it gets.

They’ll go anywhere with four walls, a roof and enough space for a single sized portable bed.It goes the extra mile by making your adobe look as close to a real spa as possible, and deliver a “luxurious and relaxing experience,” according to Amber. This includes bringing alone a portable music player to play relaxing spa music, a professional massage bed set up with embroidered towels and a range of aromatherapy scents and massage oils from France, Korea and Australia to choose from.

The duo only interviews therapists with more than three years of experience in a renowned spa or hotel. They also personally test and experience the masseuses’
skills and service quality before hiring them.


Simply call the appointment hotline (8782-0561) or send a message via the Outcall Spa website and you’ll receive a confirmation via whatsapp or email once the booking is confirmed.

The Spa Offers seven different massages, including couple massage, deep tissue massage for stress related tension, pre-natal massage Singapore to ease back aches and a traditional Javanese post-natal massage Singapore. If you want a massage pronto, you can actually book a service for an hour later, depending on the therapist’s availability. The spa also caters to hen’s night parties or girly get-togethers, and couple massages.

Prices start from $168 for 90min.


Co-founder Amber, who has a day job in businesss development, had stepped on a wasp one morning as she was preparing to leave the house for a massage. “I couldn’t leave the house as my foot had swelled up, and thus tried to go online to search for a reputable therapist who would come to my house instead, but it was a fruitless search”, says Amber. The idea for a ‘mobile-spa’ caught on and she started the spa with her business partner, Stella, an owner of an interior design firm, a mere six months later.

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