5 Top Reasons Why Couple’s Massage Is the “In Thing” Today

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TRUE OR FALSE #1:  Spending quality time together with my Partner is important to me.

TRUE OR FALSE #2:  My children are important to me.

TRUE OR FALSE #3:  We all need a little pampering now and then.

If you are a working parent, you probably read that and thought, “True, True, heck yes – True.  But it just doesn’t seem possible to find a balance for these three factors with my current schedule!”

You are not alone.  Research shows that couples in this 21st century feel that the work and family commitments of our current lifestyle are diminishing couple time.  In prioritizing the children and juggling a full work schedule, time together is often most neglected, to the detriment of our relationships.

To overcome this challenge, an increasing number of couples are turning to The Outcall Spa’s Couple Massage as their getaway package!  Here are the five top reasons why:

1. Reconnect and Bond After a Long Busy Day.

While Massage is known to have many health benefits in itself, Couple Massage also delivers psychologically beneficial perks for the couple and has lasting positive effects on the relationship.  Having a relaxing massage in each other’s company is a great way to “detoxify” from the stress of a long day and reconnect with each other intimately.  Whether you use the time to chat or you unwind together in comfortable silence, the bonding lies in the escape from technology and other distractions and the full engagement of both minds in the same activity together.

2. Hassle-Free You and MePleasure.

“Date Night” once a week sounds like a great plan for couple time – IF you don’t have kids.  But once you have kids, everything changes.  For working mummies, this means rushing home to feed the kids, tuck them into bed, and find a babysitter to keep an eye on them before sneaking out with the hubby.  For the guy, this means spending time planning where to go, what to do,and how to get there, after an already mentally exhausting day at work.   Too often, the time and effort it takes just to get out of the house for a few hours can be a deterrent to good intentions and result in a mutual “Let’s go out some other evening.”  However, this sacrifice of Date Night week after week will eventually take a toil on the relationship, especially when you are spending many more hours in a day away from than with each other. Couples choose the Outcall Spa’s Couple Massage package because – well, simply put, it is hassle-free.  All you have to do is call or book your appointment online in advance, and then leave everything else to them!  In the evening while you put your kids to bed, the professional masseuses arrive at your home and quietly set up two massage beds for you and your partner.  They will prepare the ideal environment for your evening – warm dim lights, pleasant smells, and relaxing music, right in the comfort of your own home.  For the next two hours, you and your partner enjoys pampering and relaxing massage in a world of your own, while your kids are sleeping.

No more dragging yourself out of the house again when you have just reached back after a long day of work.
No more frustrations at being stuck in traffic on the way to or from a massage parlor.
No more worrying that your kids may need you while you are away.
Everything happens right in Your. Own. Home.

3. Celebrate Your Differences Together.  

Another beauty of booking The OutCall Spa’s Couple Massage is that you and your partner can choose entirely different massages therapies to pamper yourself, and yet do it together!  With a choice list ranging from relaxing Swedish Massage and stimulating Lymphatic Massage to Pre-Natal Massage or Post-Natal Massage Singapore and more, couples get an opportunity to bond while having treatments that cater to each partner’s unique needs.

4. Relight Sparks of Intimacy and Passion.

Touch is often a powerful precursor of intimacy between couples, spiking as a relationship progresses.  However, research has observed that “the amount of touching rises at the beginning of a relationship, peaks somewhat early in a marriage, and then tapers off.”   This is why the Outcall Spa’s Couple Massage is an excellent way to keep those feelings lighted for each other! While the massage techniques coaxes the body into a state of relaxation and releases the “feel good” chemicals of oxytoxin, serotonin, and dopamine, it also helps the mind to let go of anxiety and worry and focus on the present pleasure.  With both partners feeling relaxed, pampered, and “in the moment”, The Outcall Spa’s Couple Massage is a combustible Love Potion, leaving you two ready to complete what the massage has started!   (And since they are already at home, there isn’t any traffic in between to spoil the mood!)

5. Great Way to Spend A Romantic Night.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day?  It’s your Anniversary?  His birthday just around the corner?   The Outcall Spa’s Couple Massage is a special way to say “I Love You” through actions and all the right feels.  Surprise your partner with this pampering treat session at any time of the day – and you will definitely reap the benefits in multiple ways!

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