CelluSlim Treatment

The Outcall Spa’s CelluSlim treatment

A specially designed, non-invasive slimming treatment using the best of body care technology to help you gain your perfect figure quickly and safely. The treatment incorporates our unique Fat Diminisher Therapy, which enhances the removal of fats and reduces cellulite. A thermal blanket, together with Clarins Body Shaping Cream, is also used to improve blood circulation and detoxify the body.

How it Works

Step 1

Fat Diminisher Therapy

Step 2

Apply Body Shaping Cream

Step 3

30-min Thermal Blanket Treatment

How can our Fat Diminisher Therapy help you?

A hot bod

Our special thermal blanket, which can be heated up to 40 degree C, is the perfect wrap up for your CelluSlim treatment. Enveloped in the comforting heat, you literally sweat out all the bad stuff, leaving a refreshed mind, body and soul.

CelluSlim for Postnatal Slimming

Our CelluSlim treatment is an excellent complement to The Complete 90-min Postnatal Treatment for new mums. It will help rejuvenate post-birth figures quickly and healthily. New mummies, ask your therapist about how you can incorporate CelluSlim into your postnatal treatment package.

CelluSlim Packages

Save $598
8 days
  • Celluslim Treatment (worth $298) x 8
  • Clarins Body Cream (worth $102)
  • ---
  • Value of $2,486
Save $1284
15 days
  • Celluslim Treatment (worth $298) x 15
  • Clarins Body Cream (worth $102)
  • ---
  • Value of $4572
Save $2774
21 days
  • Celluslim Treatment (worth $298) x 21
  • Clarins Body Cream (worth $102) x 2
  • Clarins Body Treatment Oil (worth $100) x 2
  • Value of $6662
Save $4158
30 days
  • Celluslim Treatment (worth $298) x 30
  • Clarins Body Cream (worth $102) x 3
  • Clarins Body Treatment Oil (worth $100) x 3
  • Value of $9546

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