Can Frequent Lymphatic Massage Help With Slimming Down?

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Massage has been in practice for thousands of years and it has now evolved into a variety of different styles, movements and techniques. All types of massage involve relaxing your body through pressing, rubbing and stimulating muscles and soft tissues in different ways. Massages are known to release your bodys tension and especially loosen up your muscles.

What is Lymphatic Massage?

Lymphatic massage was originally developed in Germany for treating lymphedema which involves the draining of fluid that accumulates in the lymph nodes. The massage stimulates the lymphatic system through natural movements of muscle tissue which in turn remove fluid waste. These fluids usually accumulate in an area that has recently been through surgery. You can do this massage on your own or get a therapist to do it for you, although its recommended that you get the help of a professional therapist that can teach you effective techniques on how to do a lymphatic massage rather than learning it on your own.

How a Lymphatic Massage is Performed

For a lymphatic massage, you are required to lie down in a comfortable position just like you would for any other type of massage. The therapist then starts by gently stimulating your affected lymph nodes through rubbing, stroking, tapping and pushing in different directions. A professional therapist understands the bodys lymphatic system and they know in which direction the fluid should be drained. The massage is rather gentle and most people dont experience any pain. A single massage session is about an hour long and its recommended at least four times a week.

Lymphatic Massage Tips

Whether you are practicing the massage yourself or going to a therapist, you should be experiencing positive results. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, consult your doctor right away. Also, when choosing a therapist, make sure you perform a background check and only go to someone experienced.

Can Lymph Massage Slim Down Your Face?

A lymph massage can slim down your face, especially if you find your face feels bloated in the morning. The excess fluid in your lymph nodes can make your face look heavy. By massaging it, you can considerably slim it down.

Face Slimming Massages

For a face massage, first start massaging the area between your shoulders and collarbone. Then move up to your face by massaging the lower contours, from chin to ears. Move on to under your eyes and massage back and forth with gentle fingers. Then slowly start massaging your temples and forehead and finish it off by massaging behind your ears and neck.


If you are experiencing lymphadema, a lymphatic massage can help you slim down by draining waste fluids from your lymph nodes. This massage is not recommended if you are experiencing pain or your condition seems to be getting worse. Even if you are not experiencing lyphadema, a lymphatic massage can be relaxing and you can release a lot of muscle tension.

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