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Can Frequent Lymphatic Massage Help With Slimming Down?

Massage has been in practice for thousands of years and it has now evolved into a variety of different styles, movements and techniques. All types of massage involve relaxing your body through pressing, rubbing and stimulating muscles and soft tissues … Read More

3 Reasons why Outcall Massage is the hottest thing in Singapore today

With the hectic pace of life in Singapore and a large number of working professionals in the city, stopping for a massage during a working week is often placed as a low priority due to time constraints. But today, a … Read More

Urut – Singapore Massage

Understanding Urut Massage What is Urut? Urut is a Malay word for massage, it is usually performed on female’s pre and post pregnancy period. Malay massage is an effective massage therapy which helps rejuvenate the mind and the body. It … Read More

Housecall Massage by The Outcall Spa

Swedish Massage

Tired? Treat yourself with soothing Swedish massage Swedish massage has become the most common type of massage known to people. It ispopular all over the world, and has recently gained the interest of people in Asia as well. The massage … Read More